An Estimate for Your Vehicle is Minutes Away

At Foundation Chevrolet in Wheat Ridge, we specialize in helping Denver area drivers shop for, select, and finance the perfect vehicles for their needs. Whether that's a car, a truck, or an SUV, many of our customers turn to trade-ins when it comes time to finance their purchase. If you have an old set of wheels lying around that you want to trade in, we want to help.

Trade-In Process and Benefits

A trade-in is a great first step in your car-buying journey. You may be ready for an upgrade and you're interested in getting something different, but that old vehicle you've been driving around still has some value in it, and we want to help you find it.

Using our trade-in process and service, you can get a quick and easy, no-obligation, estimated value for your old vehicle, and then use that value towards your next model. This estimate can be used to lease or purchase one of our world-class and legendary Chevrolet vehicles, or it can be used to lower the loan amount and monthly payments on a used vehicle purchase agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Trade-In Form Work?

Our online trade-in form is a way for you to estimate how much your vehicle is worth. To fill out this form, you'll need some basic information about your car. You'll need your license plate number, your vehicle's VIN, and the make and model of your car.

After you can an estimate, you can bring your vehicle to our dealership, where our staff will do an inspection on your car, and you can chat with your finance team to firm up your offer.

Can I Trade-In a Vehicle From Another Brand?

Yes! You do not need to have a Chevrolet to trade in or sell your vehicle to our dealership near Lakewood, CO. We are happy to take cars from other brands.

What Are the Benefits of Selling to a Dealer?

There are quite a few reasons why our customers choose to sell their vehicle to us. To begin with, selling to a dealership is easier for you. If you want to sell your vehicle to a third party, you'll need to post an ad or listing somewhere and then wait for a buyer. When you choose to work with us, we want to make sure that the process is straightforward.

When you want to sell your car, it's also essential that you work with people that you trust. Here at Foundation Chevrolet near Aurora, we want to make sure that you get a fair offer on your vehicle. So if you're going to get a great offer on your current SUV or truck, working with a dealership is a great way to get a fair value.

Can I Buy a Car Online?

Yes, we have plenty of online financing tools so you can buy your vehicle online with your trade-in value. You can shop our new or used inventory online. And when you click on the Start Buying Process button, you can use online tools to calculate your monthly payments and see if you're eligible for any offers.

Westminster, CO, drivers can request a test drive and get in touch with our staff with any questions.

Begin Your Trade-In and Purchasing Adventure Today

Knowing all of your numbers before you shop is an essential and key ingredient to getting the vehicle and the deal you're looking for. We can help you budget appropriately and finance your next vehicle, and this online trade-in calculator is a great first step. Get started soon and get behind the wheel of the vehicle you've been dreaming about, with our help.